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HSP top page: Polymer Chemistry


HSPiP Team Senior Developer, Dr. Hiroshi Yamamoto


Cellulose derivatives and search green Solvents you can learn how to make hsd file and sof file for your own polymer-solvents system.

How to search polymer solvents using Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP).If we use Hansen Solubility Parameter(HSP), we can easily find solvents for polymers. I explain the this procedure briefly. when you want to know compatibility of polymer or design of additives HSP is very important.

Antioxidants for polymer: From HPLC data of Antioxidants (AO), we determined AO's HSP. If the compatibility antioxidants to polymer is high, the amouont of AO may decrease. So knowing HSP of AOs is very important.

Fungicide for polymer: I got the list of fungicide for painting. Which one is better for the certain polymer? Maybe we do not want to these polymer additive elute from polymer, so the HSP distance shorter, the better. If you have Smiles structure and HSPiP software, Y-MB function will calculate HSP of these chemicals immediately.

Plasticizer for polymer: For almost all artificial polymer, we put Plasticizer into polymer. From the beginning, HSP is used for this problem, so a lot of plasticizer's HSP data are already put in HSPiP. And the correlation result of GC or HPLC data with HSP is fairly good. And I also examined the plasticizer for nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) with HSP and Molecular volume. There is suitable area of HSP and Volume.

How to find cleaning solvent with Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP): Mold release agents are used when they make plastic products with injection molding. At that time they coat mold surface with some chemicals for easily remove after shot. They use fluoro-compounds or silicone compounds for this purpose. So sometime, these chemicals remain of the surface of plastic. The amount of chemicals are so small amount, but if that plastic is used for medical area, they need wash out those chemicals.

How to design new recipe of packing polymer. A lot of packing are used in chemical engineering area, and manufacturer provide swelling data of their packing for many kind of solvents. But almost all case, that is pure solvent’s data and there are so few data available for mixture solvents. With this article, I show you haw to evaluate mixture of solvents for packing swelling.

Binder Resin design for Lithium Ion Battery: Poly(vinylidene fluoride) PVdF is used as binder resin for anode of Lithium Ion battery. They say, the swelling of binder resin disrupt conductive networks.
Let’s analyze this phenomena with Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP).

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber(NBR): Swelling properties of NBR packing.Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) is a family of unsaturated copolymers of AcetoNitrile and various butadiene monomers. Its physical and chemical properties vary depending on the polymer’s composition of nitrile. NBR is generally resistant to oil, fuel, and other chemicals, so it is used in the automotive and aeronautical industry to make fuel and oil handling hoses, seals, and grommets.

Choice of Solvents for membrane preparation: Per-vaporization membrane and Ultra Filtration Membrane. They cast PVDF-HFP polymer with several conditions. This polymer has double natures, that means this polymer has micro phase separation structure. For this case selection of solvents is very important. HSP may help design for casting solvents.

Intrinsic Viscosity for polymer solution:Estimate of Mark-Houwink parameters from Hansen Solubility Parameters.If you get the polymer solution, it does not mean good system for casting. How widely strech the polymer in solution, that determine the properties of dried film. The difference of streching change the viscosity.

Adhesive: Chloroprene and epoxy adhesive. A lot of researcher use Hildebrand SP value for adhesive. But it is very difficult to understand with out hydrogen bonding force. So I analyze this phenomena with Hildebrand SP value with Hansen dH (hydrogen bonding term). But you need not use Hildebrand SP value because it is same with HSP vector length. The micro phase separation structure of Adhesive is very important analyze it with Self OrganizationMap (SOM).

Poly vinyl pyrrolidone(PVP): PVP is excellent biocompatibility with living tissues and extremely low cytotoxicity and used as bio-adhesives. In the paper, they made several co-polymers and check swelling properties with several solvents. I analyze this result not Hildebrand SP value but HSP.

Binder for Solar Cell: Electric conducting sulfur containing polymer for Solar Cell. I got the solubility data for Poly(3-hexylthiophene) and Poly(3-docosylthiophene). I try to design of mixture solvents with Double Spheres.


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