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Last Update

Polymer Chemistry: Properties estimation of Polymer, JAVA program

Select functional group which contains in polymer, then push Calc. button.
Side chain are available from pulldown menu.

If you are lucky enough your browser support old JAVA and proper setting of JAVA option, you will see the window like below. This program calculate general properties and specific properties to Crystalline part and Amorphous part.

If you can not see this window, please check browser's JAVA option or try other browser. Eventhough you fail. Give up this old IAVA verson. (This Applet is still running with Mac with FireFox browser. 2011.11.15)

This program calculate next properties.

Van del Waals Volume
Specific heat (Solid)
Specific heat (Liquid)
Specific entropy of Fusion
Crystalline melting temp.
Glass Transition Temp.
(Crystalline Amorphous)
Cohesive Energy Density
Solubility Parameter
Surface tension
Refractive Index
Dielectric Constant

If you select Side Chain, these functional groups are registered.




Please refer to this article if you want to calculate co-polymer.

I made GUI program for this estimation. If user love this version, I will add other properties.


Properties of Polymers
ELSEVIER ISBN 0-444-88160-3