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HSP top page: Hansen Sphere with JAVA 3D viewer

You need latest JAVA and JAVA3D to run these viewer.
These JAVA 3D viewer is only for Pirika site and not implemented into HSPiP.

3D Sphere plot of Oleic Acid

Oleic Acid is easily dissolve hydorophobic solvents such as cyclohexane or xylene, but also dissolve in hydrophilic solvents such as iso-pronanol or butanol. I checked this phenomena with Double Spheres function.

3D Sphere plot of Fluoro Packing

This polymer seems hydrophobic polymer, though swelling very well to gasoline-ethanol solvents. Even both gasoline and ethanol are poor solvents. So this polymer may have double nature. At first, please look at single Sphere.

3D Double Spheres plot of Fluoro Packing

Please look at Double Spheres for this polymer

3D Sphere plot of PMMA

I determined PMMA HSP with new version of Sphere program. I got [17.7, 6.7, 6.2] and radius was 8.96. There were 4 exception solvents out of 57 solvents. HSP can predict Solvent/non-solvent 53/57=93% .

3D Double Spheres plot of PMMA

If I used Ver.3.1.x Double Spheres function,
[16.7, 9.7, 8.4] radius 7.24
[18.4, 3.2, 2.9] radius 4.22
There were 2 exceptions.

3D Sphere plot of PVdF

Poly(vinylidene fluoride) PVdF is used as binder resin for anode of Lithium Ion battery.I used Classical single Sphere (with option GA), I got [19.4, 15.9, 11.3] and Green Sphere radius is 9.6. You can see 7 exceptions (Blue Sphere out of Green Sphere) left down to Green Sphere.


3D Double Spheres plot of PVdF

Poly(vinylidene fluoride) PVdF is used as binder resin for anode of Lithium Ion battery.
1st Large Green Sphere, [19.1, 15.6, 10.2] Radius 8.45
2nd Small Green Sphere, [17.5, 6.3, 9.0] Radius 4.63
The exceptions solvents reduce 7 to 2. And we can understand PVdF solubility phenomena more easily.


3D Double Spheres plot of PVP-CrA copolymer

I run classic Sphere program forPoly(N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone-co-crotonic Acid) Copolymer 87% - 13%. The result is [17, 15.8,19.1] Radius=11.65. There are no wrong in/out. But radius is very large. When I run the Double Spheres program,
[17, 12.2, 20] Radius 8.84 (Typical Alcohol region)
[19.4, 14.9, 5.5] Radius 5.47 (Aldehyde, Anhydride ??)

3D Double Spheres plot of modified poly-Thiophene

Electrical Conducting Polymer that contain Sulfur atom. I can easily understand that modified poly-Thiophene have 2 regions.
One is Sphere A [17, 4.8, 6.1], the other is Sphere B [18.3, 1, 2].

3D Sphere plot of PVCl

hSP of Poly vinylchloride is [dD, dP, dH]=[18.8, 9.2, 63] and interaction radius (R0) is 7.3.